We Believe…

In the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
In the deity of our Lord Jesus Christ and His Virgin birth.
In the forgiveness and victory over sin and evil only by the blood of Jesus Christ.
In salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.
In the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
In the return of Jesus Christ and eternal life with Him.

We believe the new life in us is evidenced by living in obedience to the known will of God revealed in the Bible. We believe He gives us His strength through the present work of the Holy Spirit in us, enabling us to live a full, satisfying, and victorious life as Christians.

Our Purpose…

The purpose of West Chehalem Friends Church is to promote Christian discipleship by:

Drawing people to Jesus Christ

Developing people for Christ-like maturity

Deploying  people for Christian service

Read the faith and practice statement of the Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends

God’s Story…